Shane Douglas

Troy Shane Martin ( born November 21, 1964 in New Brighton, Beaver County, Pennsylvania ) is a former American professional wrestler who is best known by his ring name " The Franchise " Shane Douglas.


Martin began his wrestling career in 1982 under real name when he moved in small independent leagues.

Universal Wrestling Federation

In 1987, Martin in the Universal Wrestling Federation Booker Bill Watts his ring name Shane Douglas awarded where it won the UWF Television Championship. But a little bit later this league has been set and Martin went to the National Wrestling Alliance, where he was engaged in the NWA / WCW.

NWA World Championship Wrestling

After the closure of the UWF Martin went to World Championship Wrestling, which was then still under the umbrella organization of the NWA. In the NWA / WCW, he was inducted into the lower and mid- fight card.

World Wrestling Federation I

In the fall of 1990, Martin made ​​under the ring name Dean Douglas a relatively short stint in the World Wrestling Federation, where it was used mainly in the lower fight card.

World Championship Wrestling I

Martin returned in 1992 to World Championship Wrestling back. This had now temporarily separated from the NWA and had risen to become major competitors of WWF. There he was allowed in tag team with Ricky Steamboat WCW World Tag Team Championship hold. Thereafter, they were in a feud with the tag team The Hollywood Blondes, which consisted of Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. On this day the team Douglas / Steamboat had given the title. Shortly after the title loss left Martin WCW ECW in direction.

NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling

In 1993, he came under the ring name " The Franchise " Shane Douglas NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling, where he had his valet Sherri Martel a memorable performance: He held with Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman interview, which culminated in the statement that Shane Douglas within one year ECW heavyweight Champion was. He was allowed to attain within 12 months of the scheduled regional NWA / ECW Heavyweight Champion title as well.

Extreme Championship Wrestling I

His greatest awareness erlang Martin, when he in 1994 along with Paul Heyman worked out a memorable Angel: The former NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling taught at the ECW Arena, a tournament for the vacant NWA World Championship title. Martin won this as intended and when he was presented with the NWA belt, he delivered a memorable speech. This culminated in the statement that Shane Douglas bear no title of a dead promotion and would instead appoint himself to the ECW World Champion. He thus replaces Eastern Championship Wrestling from the umbrella organization of the National Wrestling Alliance made ​​the promotion to Extreme Championship Wrestling. By declaring that the regional ECW Title a World Title is now, Troy Martin officially became the first holder of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Title.

Troy Martin was becoming the first squad of the newly formed ECW. He was, together with Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Lee, Chris Benoit, Chris Candido, Dean Malenko, Francine, Lance Storm, Perry Saturn, Rick Rude, Tammy Lynn Sytch and Tommy Dreamer at the Stabel "The Triple Threat ". In 1995 he had the heavyweight title issued and went to the WWF again.

World Wrestling Federation II

After his return to the WWF Martin could win on October 22, 1995 Intercontinental Champion Title. But he had the title on the same night leave, as Razor Ramon challenged him to this. So Martin was leaving in December of the same year, the WWF again.

Extreme Championship Wrestling II

In January 1996, Martin returned to ECW. Back in May, he was the ECW Television Title win before Martin lost the title again in June. In this title match in May 1996, however, a momentous accident happened: He broke accidentally the partner of his opponent Pittbull # 2, Gary Wolfe, neck. In July 1996, he was allowed to win the TV title again and keep this up to June 1997.

Between August 1996 and January 1999, he was the ECW World Heavyweight Champion title win twice. Due to differences with Paul Heyman Martin left the ECW and returned to WCW.

World Championship Wrestling II

In WCW Martin with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn formed a team. But this formation had no great success in WCW and so was Martin member of The New Blood group. During this time he was allowed to win the WCW Tag Team Championship ( with Buff Bagwell ), the WCW Hardcore Championship and the WCW United States Title. After WCW was purchased by World Wrestling Entertainment, Martin was not accepted.

Independent I

Following the closure of WCW 2001 Martin stayed with smaller independent leagues such as the IWA Mid-South. He was eventually employed by the independent leagues for almost 2 years. In the promotion Pro Wrestling Xtreme Martin was allowed to hold the champion title once.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

2003 Martin signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. There he became involved in a feud with Raven. In 2004 he was there, commentator and interviewer for TNA 's weekly TV show, Impact!. In addition to this position, he worked backstage as a road agent.

In June and November 2005, organized by Troy Martin in the old ECW Arena ECW reunion show " Hardcore Homecoming " and tried so that the WWE and their TV show ECW One Night Stand or her new ECW roster in terms of hardcore wrestling to defy.

2007 Martin was fired from TNA.

The end of May, 2009, TNA announced that they next Raven Shane Douglas is committed for some TV appearances. Douglas was therefore used in June of the same year at the TNA Slammiversary PPV in a match against Daniels, but he could not win because of its short-term obligations.

Independent II

After his release by TNA Martin was a time still on the way in independent leagues and had retired in the meantime for a time from active wrestling business. In 2012, he became part of the Wal Marts "Check -Out Boy" trainee program, which he successfully completed in 2013. Following Martin Company in Philadelphia was a permanent employee. On 9 and 10 November 2013, appeared at the Germany-based wrestling promotion Westside Xtreme Wrestling and gave in their wrestling school, the Westside Dojo, a two-day training seminar.


  • Eastern Championship Wrestling
  • Extreme Championship Wrestling
  • 4x ECW World Heavyweight Champion
  • National Wrestling Alliance
  • World Wrestling Federation
  • World Championship Wrestling
  • Xtreme Pro Wrestling


  • Prior to his wrestling career, Martin was a special education teacher.