Shanghai Triad

  • Gong Li Xiao Jingbao
  • Li Baotian Tang
  • Wang Xiaoxiao: Sheng Shui
  • Li Xuejian: uncle
  • Chun Sun: Song
  • Shu Chen Shi Ye
  • Liu Jiang: Fat Yu
  • Jiang Baoying: Cuihua
  • Yang Qianquan: Ah Jiao

Shanghai Triad ( Original title: Chinese摇啊摇,摇 到 外婆 桥, pinyin Yao a yao yao dào Waipo Qiao, swings and weighing, weighing up to grandma's bridge ( a lullaby ) ') ( 1995) is a gangster film producer Wu Yigong with Zhang Yimou directed and Gong Li in the lead role.

Background of this film is Shanghai at the beginning of the 20th century, when the city was a metropolis of China and the Far East.

The village boy Shui Sheng arrives in Shanghai and studied in his uncle in Shanghai shelter. This uncle is a member of a major crime family and is killed shortly thereafter in battle with another clan. Shui Sheng then serves the famous nightclub dancer Xiaojinbao ( Gong Li), who is also well beloved Godfather.

A large part of this film is taken up in the small town of Zhouzhuang, a small town with many rivers and wooden bridges in Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai.


  • Lexicon of international film: Behind the exciting, ornate and expertly staged fable about betrayal and atonement reveal allegorical references to the China of the 90s. Sign of hope for a better future rub it the image of the eternal cycle of power, seduction and oppression, and rewrite the interchangeability of the individual in Chinese society.
  • Prism Online: A magnificently decorated and brilliantly photographed homage to the U.S. gangster films of the 30s by Zhang Yimou, the star director of the cinema scene in China. With the story, he also alludes to the struggles for power and materialism in China today. As is so often brilliant in Yimou's films in the role of nightclub singer his former life partner Gong Li


The film was in competition at the International Film Festival of Cannes in 1995 and won here the technique Grand Prix. He was also nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe Award in the category. Cinematographer Lu Yue received for his work also nominated for an Oscar.