Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Somerset County


Shanksville is a borough in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, USA. There live 245 people (according to 2000 census ).


Shanksvilles history can be traced back to 1798. Christian Shank operated three mills. Shanksville was known internationally by the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 in the United States. There, plunged one of the four hijacked passenger planes (United Airlines Flight 93).


The community itself just covers 0.5 km ².

The monument - Flight 93 National Memorial

To the victims of Flight UA 93 reminds spot a temporary monument to a national memorial will be erected. The crash site is not accessible to the general public.

The design for the monument came in the late summer of 2010 in the headlines after voices were heard that they have discovered in the semi-circular structure of the memorial complex and their topographic orientation of a pointing exactly to Mecca Islamic crescent shape.