Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon ( born November 12, 1968 in Corofin, County Clare ) is an Irish folk musician.


Sharon Shannon comes from a musical Irish family: The parents were dancers and she and her three siblings learned as children of different instruments. Sharon plays the accordion and violin.

At a young age, she founded the band Arcady, but then went in the late 1980s to pursue a solo career. When shooting for an album she met two members of the Waterboys know and joined the band. On the album Room to Roam it is represented, but it was the last of the Waterboys before the dissolution.

After she completed her solo album titled Sharon Shannon, in 1991 a great success for debut it was. Together with some other Irish musicians they then took on the sampler A Woman's Heart, to which she added the title Blackbird and Coridinio. The album sold to 200,000 times and so was the hitherto best-selling Irish album and Shannon to one of the most popular Irish musicians.

In the following years she published regularly successful albums. She made time and again borrowed from musical styles of other countries such as Jamaica, Finland and Portugal. In the album Out the Gap ( 1994), she worked together with a reggae producer, to Each Little Thing she performed alongside a Chilean song also pieces of Grace Jones and Fleetwood Mac. The Diamond Mountain Sessions (2000) moving in the direction of the American alternative country and helped her also to some success in the United States.

In addition to her solo performances, she also plays with her band, The Wood Choppers, which also includes her sister Mary Shannon, himself a successful mandolin player belongs.

Sharon Shannon reached their albums repeatedly upper places in the Irish charts and was able to land, smaller hit singles. Her biggest hit they had but in 2007 with The Galway Girl. Originally they had recorded the song in 2000 with the author Steve Earle. At a concert they played the song together with the Irish singer Mundy. The recording ended up on the radio and was played there regularly. A studio shot then became the number - one hit and the best-selling download single in 2007. Their best-of compilation in 2008, the The Galway Girl was named, also reached number 1 in the albums.



  • Sharon Shannon ( 1991)
  • Out the Gap ( 1994)
  • Each Little Thing (1997)
  • The Diamond Mountain Sessions (2000)
  • Live in Galway ( 2002)
  • Libertango (2003)
  • Collection 1990-2005 (2005)
  • Tunes (2005)
  • Renegade (2007)
  • The Galway Girl - The Best of Sharon Shannon ( 2008)
  • Saints & Scoundrels (2009)
  • 21 Definitive (2013 )