Sharp-tailed Ibis

Langschwanzibis ( Cercibis oxycerca )

The Langschwanzibis or Spitzschwanzibis ( Cercibis oxycerca ) is the only member of the genus Cercibis from the family of ibises and spoonbills, and lives in the northern part of South America.


The Langschwanzibis size 76-86 cm. Of the other black ibises in South America, it differs especially by the strikingly long tail that extends well beyond the wing tips. The beak is orange, a featherless face red box around the eye, throat orange. The feet are reddish.


The Langschwanzibis lives in the Amazon basin of Brazil, in the northwestern Mato Grosso, in eastern Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname and French Guiana. It prefers open grassland near water, and swampy areas and rice fields. The IUCN assumes a global population 10000-25000 individuals and classified the species as not at risk.


Little is known about the diet, but probably it mostly as with other ibises from insects and molluscs.