SharpDevelop (abbreviated: "# develop " ) is a free integrated development environment (IDE ) for the NET Framework from Microsoft. . In addition to the first languages ​​C # and Visual Basic development environment also supports other modern programming languages ​​today.

  • 2.1 debugger




On 11 September 2004, the version 1.0 of open source. NET programming " SharpDevelop " was released, which supported the programming languages ​​C # and Visual Basic. NET (VB.NET ) and the " Microsoft. NET Framework " presupposed in version 1.0.

On 14 February 2006, the latest version of the 1.1.x series was published, which presupposed that. NET Framework version 1.1.

In August 2006, version 2.0 was released with which. NET and Mono applications can also be developed in the programming Boo now. Furthermore, here opening and editing Visual Studio projects is already possible. To start this version NET Framework version 2.0 and Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000 ) is the. Required and the installation of the associated SDK from developers is recommended.

On 7 March 2007, Version 2.1 was released and with a FxCop -based source code analyzer, a type browser for Assemblies and COM components (based on the. NET Component Inspector from Oakland ), an incremental search, a query creation tool for SQL database queries, a support for the Subversion version control tool as well as the installation tool WiX and some more added.

On 8 August 2007, the latest version of the 2.2.x series was published, which presupposed that. NET Framework version 2.0.

Since published in February 2009 Version 3.0, the programming languages ​​IronPython and F # are supported. In addition, the support of multi-core processors and a design preview for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF ) was added. For start-up is now the NET Framework version 3.5 and Windows -. Starting XP with SP2 - provided.

On 21 September 2009, Version 3.1 was released, which is now a debugging support for IronPython, the free Python implementation for. NET, the IronPython Windows Forms Designer and a profiler for so-called " managed applications " have been added. Moreover, it was also announced that the upcoming version 4.0 is developed in conjunction with the version 3.1, which simplifies the process of completion. NET - Framework in the version 4.0.

On 12 December 2009, version 3.1.1 was released. A new addition is the support for the language IronPython version 2.6, an improved source code control Python, an update of NUnit to version, some corrections for the debugger and bug fixes in the code completion.

On 13 January 2010, version 3.2.0 was, as " Community Technology Preview " (CTP ) was published. The support for the language IronRuby has been added. NET Reporting Technology " SharpDevelop Reports" (SDR ) have been revised, expanded, and re-inserted, and updated support for the language "Boo" for the version

On 6 January 2011, Version 4.0 was released and expanded with support for. NET 4.0.

On May 6, 2012, edition 4.2 was released in the previous preview versions include support for. NET 4.5, and Windows 8 were added.

Technical details

By the way, the graphical user interface ( GUI) comfortable design with a so-called Form Designer, the UI design is greatly facilitated. Overall, the functions are similar to Microsoft's Visual Studio. The C # included - and VB.NET parsers have been generated by Coco / R. The environment has the function VB.NET projects to C # translate.

The supported functions in detail are:

  • Form Designer for C #, VB.NET and Boo
  • Automatic code completion for C #, VB.NET and Boo
  • Automatic code generation
  • Conversion between C #, VB.NET and Boo
  • Integrated compilers for C #, VB.NET and Boo
  • Integrated NUnit support
  • Refactoring
  • Assembler analyzer
  • XML documentation preview
  • WiX support for creating installation programs
  • Integrated FxCop support
  • Query Builder for SQL database queries

The also free development environment MonoDevelop for free. NET implementation mono originally from SharpDevelop.


Since version 2 of the Microsoft. Cordbg Net debugger is supported as a debugger backend. For the Mono debugger mdb currently no plans to support.