Scharypowo (Russian Шарыпово, scientific transliteration Šarypovo ) is a city in Russia in Krasnoyarsk. It has the city status since 1981. The city lies on the River Beresch ( Береш ), 414 kilometers west of Krasnoyarsk away. She has (October 14, 2010 Status ) 38 561 inhabitants.


The settlement Scharypowo originated around 1760 at the site of the confluence of the rivers Temra ( Темра ) and KADAT ( Кадат ). From the church, which was at the center of that settlement, most of the roads were star-shaped away. 1829 lived 294 people in Scharypowo. Mid-19th century, the population was 600

From 1985 to 1988, the city was officially Chernenko in honor of the statesman Konstantin Chernenko, who was born near Scharypowo.

Today, the city is divided into two districts: the old, built with wooden houses and the new, coined by prefabricated Scharypowo.


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The city is located near a lignite deposit, from which the thermal power plant located northwest of the city Berjosowskaja GRES feeds. Also, there are companies in the wood industry.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Timofei Krizki (* 1987), cyclist