Schatura (Russian Шатура ) is a town with 32 885 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) in Russia and Rajonzentrum in the Moscow Oblast. It is located 124 km east of Moscow, in the middle of Meschtschora low level.


The village was founded in 1917: at that time began with the removal of peat, of which there are numerous deposits in the marsh rich environment of today's city. A year later the construction of a thermal power station began in a neighboring village. At its establishment, the renowned engineer Vladimir Shukhov also was involved. 1920 a workers' settlement was laid out for the working of this power plant, together with the Torfabbausiedlungen formed in 1928 the place called Schatura. The name comes from a popular Schatura in Meschtschora hydronym Schat - Ur, which has a Finno- Ugric origin.

1936 Schatura received the status of a city. During the German attack on Moscow (1941 /42) in the Second World War, the Schaturaer power plant played a significant role in the energy supply of the embattled capital.

In the postwar years, the city continued to develop economically; it originated here new industrial enterprises ( including a nationally known furniture factory ) and several scientific research institutions.


Schatura has a railway station on part of the journey from Moscow via the Trans-Siberian Railway Murom. There are direct train connections with the regional Kazan station in Moscow. There are also regular inter-city bus with Moscow, Ryazan and several cities in the eastern Moscow Oblast.


While the city is relatively young and therefore has little architectural monuments, the environment Schaturas mainly for its picturesque nature is known. It is part of the landscape of Meschtschora and has a variety of woods, forest, lakes and swamps on. Therefore, the Rajon Schatura is regarded as a popular destination for hikers, anglers and mushroom pickers. The torfreiche bottom of the forests around Schatura however, often causes forest fires, which in extreme cases - most recently in the summer of 2002 - up with a smog in Moscow itself felt.

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