Shavit (Hebrew for comet ) is the name of an Israeli three-stage solid- driven launcher that was developed from the Jericho -2 medium-range missile. It is part of the space program of the Israel Space Agency.

On September 19, 1988 to April 3, 1990 rockets were successfully launched this type of palm Achim.

As for political reasons from Palm Achim only start in western direction are possible, include the started with the Shavit satellite Ofeq 1 and 2 of the few earth satellites which orbit the earth while not nearly equatorial east-west direction and. Currently, the possibility is investigated to launch a Shavit rocket in international airspace over the Indian Ocean from a specially equipped Boeing 747.

On May 28, 2002 was brought into space with a Shavit -1 reconnaissance satellite Ofeq 5. The launch of Ofeq 6 on 6 September 2004, also with Shavit -1 failed. Due to high costs, unfavorable starting location and lack of reliability the future of Shavit is uncertain.


  • 2nd stage
  • 3rd stage

Start list

This is a complete start list of the Shavit rocket. State of the list: June 22, 2010

¹ Gross weight = Satellite Adapter, enclosure etc.

² Not necessarily the target orbit of the payload, but the path on which the payload from the upper stage to be exposed.