Shediac is a city in Westmorland County ( New Brunswick), Canada. She has nearly 6,053 inhabitants ( 2011) and is located at the Shediac Bay. The city calls itself the " Lobster Capital of the World" ( world capital of lobster ), which is also shown by the fact that at the western entrance of the world's largest sculpture of a lobster, visitors to the town. In July of each year a festival is organized, which also serves to support the lobster fishery. Thus, the fishing industry is a major economic and tourist element in the region. Lobsters are caught by the lobster baskets used in Europe and North America. Have boat and water sports, as well as other sports, a high priority in the region. Internationally known was born in Shediac Ringer René Goguen.

The name " Shediac " is derived from that of the Mi'kmaq, a North amerikanischern Tribal Culture, embossed word " Es- ed -ei -ik " who lived on the same spot several hundred years ago. The Arcadians settled in the area in the 18th century. 1872, a railway line was established, connecting the Port of Summerside by steamboats with the mainland railway in Shediac. Today, the Confederation Bridge linking the two provinces of Prince Edward Iceland and New Brunswick, only 50 kilometers away from Shediac reaching the mainland.

The town of Shediac is bilingual (English and French).


Stacked lobster baskets

North American lobster

Sculpture of a lobster in Shediac

Hall of Shediac

Confederation Bridge