Sheikh Said

Sheikh Said Kurdish: Şêx silk Piran, (* 1865 in Hinis / Vilayet of Erzerum, † June 29, 1925 by hanging in Diyarbakır ) was a Kurd and a Sunni spiritual leader. Under his leadership in 1925 broke the Sheikh Said rebellion against the young Turkish government to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk from.

Sheikh Said was a senior representative of the Naqshbandi Tarikat, whose followers in his region were mainly Kurds. He was a wealthy man who was supplying with his flocks, cities like Aleppo in Syria. He had several wives, one of which was the older sister of Cibranlı Halit Bey.

The " Sheikh Said rebellion " was partly due to the resistance against the new secular Turkish Republic, was so religiously motivated. On the other hand, also played the Kurdish national element a strong role for the uprising.

Was prepared the uprising, among others, the Kurdish Azadi organization, which was marked nationalistic.

After the suppression of the uprising by Turkish troops Sheikh Said were passed in his flight towards Persia in late April. He and 47 other colleagues were hanged in public on 29 June 1925. To date, Sheikh Said enjoys under almost all Kurds very high reputation. His grandson Abdülmelik Fırat was, until his death on September 28, 2009 Party Leader of the Kurdish HAKPAR Party and campaigned for autonomy for the Kurds of Turkey.