Shelter Island, New York

Suffolk County


Shelter Iceland is a city (town ) in Suffolk County of the U.S. state of New York with a population of 2,228 ( Census 2000). It is located on the same island, which lies to the east of Long Island, between the two peninsulas North Fork and South Fork Shelter Iceland sound.


The area of ​​the island is 31.4 km ², together with the associated water areas, the city comes to 70.2 km ². It is located near the eastern end of the deep incision of the eastern part of Long Island, in the two " Forks " ( bifurcations ) splits mentioned peninsulas. To the east is the to Gardiners Bay Gardiners Iceland reaching Bay, the north and south leading past Shelter Iceland waterways as well as the west continuing in the Noyack Bay Bay are collectively called Shelter Iceland sound. The most important bays in the intricate coastline of the island are the Coecles Inlet to the east and Smith Cove and West Neck Harbor in the south.

Larger parts of the island, especially the Mashomack Peninsula in the east, consist of the Hamptons comparable wetlands, the rest is mostly quite thin built with residential and vacation homes.

The neighboring towns of Southold on the Norh Fork and Southampton and East Hampton on the South Fork.


The settlement of Iceland Shelter is in both Hamlet and Census-designated places Shelter Iceland with 1234 inhabitants in the southeast and Shelter Iceland Heights with 981 inhabitants in the west and north, as well as the small Dering Harbor with 13 residents in the north, the status of an incorporated village has divided.


Originally Shelter Iceland was colonized by Manhanset Indians, whose name Ahaquatawamok, " islands of protected island ", is derived the English name. With a deed dated December 27, 1652, the island was sold to British sugar merchant from Barbados; one of them, Nathaniel Sylvester, she populated as the first Europeans. As a result, immigrated mainly Quakers. In 1730 the city was founded.

From 1871, tourism has been built on the island and Shelter Iceland Heights built as a cottage-colony. It dominated large hotels. 1910 burned the largest, the Manhanset House, down. In its place was built on the initiative of holiday home owners the incorporated village of Dering Harbor, and on the whole island outweigh since individual cottages. 1980 Mashomack Peninsula was purchased by the Nature Conservancy and placed under protection. Shelter Iceland Heights will be performed in 1993 on the National Register of Historic Places and the New York State Register of Historic Places as a Historic District.

Education and Science

In 1947, on the island of the first Shelter - Iceland Conference, one of the well-known events in the history of physics and a milestone in the development of quantum field theory, instead.


Shelter Iceland has no bridge connection to the rest of Long Island, it consists only ferry to Greenport to the north, driving time about 8 minutes and North Haven in the south, traveling time about 5 minutes. The ferries run every minute in 10-20.