Shepherd Islands

The Shepherd Islands are a central group of islands in the South Pacific New Hebrides and part of the island nation of Vanuatu. Together with the nearby north around the island Épi and south to the island of Efate islands form the Shepherd Islands, the Vanuatu Province Shefa.

The small group is of volcanic origin. It extends in the form of an island arc for about 50 km in a straight line between the islands of Efate and Épi. To the Shepherd Islands following islands are mainly counted:

As capital of the island group applies to the village Morua on the main island, Tongoa. Morua was also the administrative seat of the 1985 existing and 1994 island region Shepherd Islands.

From a geological point of view, the two undersea volcanoes include Kuwae (16 ° 50 ' S, 168 ° 32' O 16.829166666667168.53611111111 -2 - north before Tongoa ) and Makura ( south-west of Makura ) for formation.