Sherbrooke Castors

The Castors de Sherbrooke (English: Sherbrooke Beavers ) was a Canadian ice hockey team from Sherbrooke, Quebec. The team played from 1969 to 1982 and from 1992 to 2003, one of the three highest Canadian Junior Hockey League, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League ( QMJHL ).


The Castors de Sherbrooke were founded in 1969 as a franchise of the QMJHL in which they were one of the founding members. Had their most successful period the team than them. Middle of the 1970s and early 1980s, three times the Coupe du Président won (1974 /75 1976/77 and 1981/ 82) As a master of the QMJHL they thus qualified for the final tournament in each case to the Memorial Cup, in which they stood with the 4:7 - final defeat in 1982 against the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League championship of the Canadian Hockey League the next. Despite the success the team has been to Saint -Jean -sur -Richelieu, Quebec, relocated to the 1981/82 season, following where they then took part under the name Castors de Saint -Jean in the game operation of the QMJHL.

1976 represented Castors de Sherbrooke Canada in the third unofficial Ice Hockey World Junior Championship.

In the summer of 1992, the Draveurs de Trois- Rivières in Trois -Rivières, Quebec, were moved to Sherbrooke and renamed Faucons de Sherbrooke, bringing the franchise joined the tradition of Castors de Sherbrooke, whose name the team from 1998 officially wore again. However, this could not build on the success of the original cask, so that the franchise in 2003 in the U.S. Lewiston, Maine, resettled, where it played until 2011 under the name Lewiston MAINEiacs in the QMJHL.

Former Players

The following players who were active for the Castors / Faucons de Sherbrooke, played in the course of her career in the National Hockey League:

  • Dmitri Afanassenkow
  • Norm Aubin
  • Alain Bélanger
  • Yves Bélanger
  • Serge Boisvert
  • Paul Boutilier
  • Fred Burchell
  • Claude Cardin
  • Ron Carter
  • John Chabot
  • Dan Chicoine
  • Rejean Cloutier
  • Claude Cyr
  • Gord Donnelly
  • Christian Dubé
  • Gilles Dubé
  • Norm Dubé
  • Norm Dussault
  • Jean -François Fortin
  • Ray Fortin
  • Gerard Gallant
  • Jean -Marc Gaulin
  • Jere Gillis
  • Alan Haworth
  • Pierre Jarry
  • Brian Johnson
  • Claude André Larose
  • Reggie Lemelin
  • Jean Lemieux
  • Mario Lessard
  • Gilles Lupien
  • Jimmy Mann
  • Peter Marsh
  • Sean McKenna
  • Corrado Micalef
  • Richard Mulhern
  • Simon Nolet
  • Michel Petit

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