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The Sheremetyevo Airport (IATA: SVO, ICAO: UUEE, Russian Шереметьево ), with over 26 million passengers (as of 2012) is the second largest airport in the Moscow region, Russia. It is named after the nearby town of Sheremetyevo, whose name is connected with the Russian nobles dynasty Sheremetev.


Originally Sheremetyevo was a stronghold of the Soviet transport air forces. Sheremetyevo -I was taken in 1959 as the international airport in Moscow in operation and with the opening of Sheremetyevo- II on 3 March 1980 to the terminal for domestic connections. Sheremetyevo II was built for the Olympic Summer Games in Moscow after the model of the terminals of the airport Hanover by German companies.


Sheremetyevo is an airport with two separate terminal areas north and south of the start and runways. The two terminal regions consist of three terminals:

  • Terminals A, B and C ( SVO -A, -B and SVO SVO -C ) in the north (formerly Sheremetyevo -I) serve the national air traffic and the Baltic with the States.
  • The terminals D, E and F ( SVO -D, -E and SVO SVO -F ) in the south (formerly Sheremetyevo- II ) are used for international air transport.

It is set up a shuttle transfer between terminals. With the renaming of Sheremetyevo -I and Sheremetyevo- II, the old Soviet numbering of the airports will be adapted to internationally accepted standards.

For the Aero Express ( see links to Moscow) 2008, a dedicated terminal has been set up. The nearest airport terminal is SVO -E, walking the terminals D and F are also reachable.

The Sheremetyevo Cargo Terminal is located near the terminals F and is set up for cargo flights.


In 2010 19.329.000 passengers were handled. The Sheremetyevo airport lost to the two other international airports of Moscow, Domodedovo and Vnukovo, more and more passengers, since the systems were no longer the end of the 2000s on the stand of time. Meanwhile Domodedovo can have more passengers than Sheremetyevo.

The two start and runways are 3550 or 3700 m long.

Among the approximately 70 international airlines which D, E and F fly to Sheremetyevo terminals are Aeroflot, Alitalia, Delta Air Lines, El Al, Finnair, Air France, JAL, KLM, SAS and Korean Air Austrian Austrian Airlines Group wrapped in February 2007, all their flights Moscow instead of Sheremetyevo Moscow - Domodedovo from. Lufthansa also has switched to Domodedovo since April 2008 and has thus, as almost all other airlines in the Star Alliance, this step taken. As the first western airline the former Swissair (now Swiss International Airlines) in 2001 their flights from Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo has moved.

Places to stay

On the fifth floor of the new terminal Sheremetyevo- E was on 24 November 2009 an unusual "Compact hotel " opened for the short -term stay. It is similar to the Japanese capsule hotels of the 1970s, the Moscow " Compact room" but look more like ship cabins. The " Compact Hotel " offers 66 cabins to 7.5 square meters to 22 square feet of space in the luxury variant. All cabins are equipped with toilet, shower, sink, telephone and internet. The cheapest cabin will cost 1300 rubles (30 euros ) for four hours.

Location and Transport

Sheremetyevo is located near the city Lobnya, about 30 kilometers north- west of Moscow, near the European route E 105 (M 10), which connects the capital with Saint Petersburg. The airport is linked by public transport to the center of Moscow.

  • The fastest and most convenient connection is called the Aero Express, whose 27 trains since 2008 every half hour from the Belarus station ( metro stations Belorusskaja ) in 35 minutes on the Aero Express terminal. The latter is directly adjacent to the Terminal E, with which it is directly connected by a transition; via the Terminal E also leads directly into the terminal F. In addition, the Aero Express terminal free shuttle buses to commute 10 minutes to Terminal D and every 15 minutes to the much more distant terminals B and C. The standard fare for the express located at 320 ruble in the center between the taxis and the buses Marschrutkas respectively. In addition, the Aero Express ticket is valid as a composite ticket with the name of Metro for the Moscow Metro. The Aero Express runs every 30 - or 60 -minute intervals. Conversely save passengers who fly B or C from the terminals a Russian domestic airport, a lot of time with the check and the baggage already on the Belarus station.
  • The second fastest, yet affordable connection are minibuses, called Marschrutkas that are used as shared taxis. They operate on fixed lines between the airport and the two nearest metro stations Retschnoi Woksal and planners Well. These shared taxis always drive off immediately once they are fully occupied. The fare is 60 rubles per person and 10 to 20 rubles per bag.
  • The slowest and cheapest route is the bus services to some stations of the Moscow Metro, and the railway station Lobnya, of the consist Express train to Moscow.
  • The most expensive compound is a taxi to the city center. In a traffic jam on the Leningrad highway - the often congested main road between the airport and Moscow - the journey takes one to one and a half hours. The fare to the city center is about 1,500 rubles.

Airlines and destinations

List of currently major airlines with the respective most frequently used terminals: