Sherman Clark

Sherman Rockwell " Sherm " Clark ( born November 16, 1899 in Baltimore, † November 8, 1980 in Annapolis ) was an American rowers on the position of the helmsman and became a high military.

Sherm Clark of the United States Naval Academy took the helm in two boats at the Summer Olympics in Antwerp in 1920 in part. First, he jumped in four of the Pennsylvania Barge Club as a helmsman for the rowers Kenneth Myers, Carl Klose and Franz and Erich Schmidt spring and won with these behind the Swiss four the silver medal. Then he was helmsman of the U.S. rowing eight, which was occupied by rowers of the United States Naval Academy and won the gold medal with these before eight in Britain. In 1922 he graduated from the United States Naval Academy and embarked on a military career, which he finished in 1971 with the rank of rear admiral.