Shihezi is a right of territorial government that are county-level city in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. The administrative area of the city has an area of ​​7529 km ²; 460 km ² of which belong to the actual city and about 30 km ² are built area. Shihezi had 572 772 inhabitants, of whom only 5.4% of ethnic minorities were members in 2005. The majority of the population is Han Chinese.

Oil, textile and food industries are the major industries in Shihezi. In the surrounding area sugar beet and cotton are grown.

The Shihezi University is the second largest university in Xinjiang.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Shihezi from five road districts, a large village and a community is composed. These are:

  • Street Dongcheng District (东城 街道);
  • Road Hongshan District (红山 街道);
  • Road district Laojie (老街 街道);
  • Road District Xiangyang (向阳 街道);
  • Road Xincheng District (新城 街道);
  • Greater community Beiquan (北 泉镇);
  • Community Shihezi (石河子 乡).