41.34555555555619.56694444444420Koordinaten: 41 ° 21 ' N, 19 ° 34 ' E

Shijak ( Albanian: Shijaku ) is a small town with 7568 inhabitants ( 2011) in central Albania in Durres district.

Shijak lies to the east of the circle between Durres and Tirana, about eleven kilometers from the port city and 25 km from the capital. Main road, highway and railway bypassed the town to the north in a wide arc, because east of Shijak rises a small range of hills. The city itself is located on the eastern shore of the ores that flow to the sea meandering from south to north.

The place has long been a small market town at the bridge over the river. The mosque dates back to the 19th century. 1466 should have been from the Ottoman Sultan, who fought unsuccessfully against Skanderbeg, staked at this point 5,000 Albanian fighters. A large part of the population of Shijak comes from Kosovars and Bosnian Muslims who fled in the 19th century here.

In communist Albania Shijak was a city in a heavily agricultural region. She was famous above all for the state winery. In the 1990s, many young men came out of the city work in Western Europe. Same time, many rural migrants came from mountainous areas of Albania in the region. Today Shijak benefits from its location between the metropolitan areas of Tirana and Durres, originated in their environment, some factories and numerous smaller manufacturing companies.

South of the city are short-wave transmitters of Radio Tirana. The highest transmission tower this station is 130 meters the tallest building in Albania. The medium-wave transmitters of Flakka lie northwest of Shijak. The local TV station is called Shijak TV.

The local football club KF Erzeni Shijak played in the 2008 /09 season in the second highest league.