Shikahogh State Preserve

The Shikahogh Reserve is located in the south of Armenia on the border with Azerbaijan. It covers an area of 100 square kilometers and was established in 1958 primarily to protect the forests.

27,991 ha in the core zone of the reserves have the status of "wilderness partner " in the network of European Wildlife sanctuaries in the PAN Parks Foundation.


The reserve covers altitudes 700-2400 m, where oak - dominated deciduous forests dominate the habitat. These forests are favored by relatively humid climate and are found above an altitude of about 1000 m. About the forests just at altitudes of 2200 m and more dominated by mountain grasslands. Between the two habitat types, there is a broad transition region. The two main rivers are the Tsav and Shikahogh.

In the east, bordering on the territory of Azerbaijan, the Basutchay Reserve directly to the Shikahogh Reserve to. A few kilometers south-east of it on the opposite side of the Aras River in Iran is the Arasbaran - reserve. In 2009, adjacent to the Shikahogh Reserve Arevik National Park was also established by the Armenian government.


The fauna of the reserve has not yet been analyzed in more detail, but come before wolves, red foxes, wild cats, deer, badgers and wild goats in the reserve. The leopard is considered extinct. Among the birds are Caspian King Chicken, bearded vulture and griffon vulture to call,


The Armenian government was planning to build a road link to Iran directly through the reserve. This project was averted in 2005, although it was already started the construction work.