Read Shikigami (式 神jap /识 神), also known as Shikijin and Shiki no kami, is the name for a fictional creature from Japanese mythology. It is included in the group of the kami (神) and is a spirit. Quite similar to you are the Inugami.


Belief in Shikigami springs from the Onmyodo cult. According to this a Shikigami must be summoned by a complex and elaborate ceremony. Usually they are supposed to be invisible, but can also take shape and this will, or according to the will of their summoner change. They usually appear as small animals or birds. In order to invisible Shikigami give shape and control them, they are often banned in folded and / or artfully trimmed paper figures. The power of a Shikigami is dependent on the spiritual powers and knowledge of his master.

However Shikigami can also be dangerous for the summoner, as they develop their own life, to escape gradually the control of their master and then these usually arise and kill.


Shikigami be used to perform dangerous or risky jobs, such as espionage, theft and / or enemy pursuit. If a Shikigami Summoner knowledgeable in his arts, his Shiki of animals and even humans can take possession and then control.

Shikigami in modern subculture

In modern anime series and fantasy novels, such as Inuyasha, Nura - Lord of Yōkai and Spirited Away Land, Shikigami are frequently encountered. In " Inuyasha " they are often portrayed as traditional paper figures as around scurrying for example, as little man and make the fight for distraction, go as magical recreations of Inuyasha and Kagome on their models, or run as imitations of demons Inuyasha repeated astray. In " Spirited Away" appear as the Shikigami paper birds that attack Spirited friend Haku. In " Nura - Lord of the Yōkai " Shikigami be used in the fight against demons.