Shimabara, Nagasaki

Shimabara (Japanese岛 原 市, -shi) is a city in Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū in Japan.


It lies on the north-eastern tip, named after the city of Shimabara Peninsula. In the east it borders the Ariake Bay, on the west by the mountain ounces.


In 1637, the Shimabara Rebellion took place here.

Shimabara became a town on April 1, 1940.


  • Train: Shimabara tetsudō line: according to Isahaya


The most popular tourist destination is the Shimabara Castle and the nearby samurai road.

Shimabara also has numerous onsen. There is so much natural spring water - hot and cold - that it is running in channels through the streets.

In the picturesque carp road swim in the channels Koi.

The Samurai Street in Shimabara

Koi carp in canals on the road in Shimabara

Hall of Shimabara

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Yuji Hyakutake (1950-2002), amateur astronomer
  • Suehiro Maruo (* 1956), manga artist and illustrator

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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  • Minamishimabara