Shimbashi Station

  • 6 (JR above ground)
  • 2 (JR underground)
  • 2 ( Tōkyō Chikatetsu )
  • 2 ( Toei Chikatetsu )
  • 2 ( Yurikamome )
  • 249 607 (JR 2007)
  • 217 790 ( Tōkyō Chikatetsu 2007)


The Shimbashi Station (Japanese新桥 駅, Shimbashi -eki ) in Minato located in Tokyo is a major inner-city railway station. Historically, it was one of the first stations in Tokyo and starting point of the first railway line in Japan to Yokohama. Today he is from JR Higashi- Nihon (English JR East ) operated, next there are two subway stations, a traffic department of the Tokyo prefecture and one of the Tōkyō Chikatetsu (English Tokyo Metro ) and the railhead Tōkyō- Rinkai shinkōtsū - Rinkai line the private law of the KK Yurikamome is operated.


State Railway

The head station Shimbashi in 1872 at the site of the present station opened in Shiodome, when the first railway line in Japan to Yokohama (now Sakuragicho ) began operations. Having been extended to Kobe, she received in 1895 the name Tōkaidō Line. In 1909, the Yamanote line went into operation, was opened on the site of the present railway station Shimbashi for passenger Karasumori the station (乌森 駅). 1914, the construction of the Tokyo Station was completed. The starting point of the Tōkaidō Line was relocated there, the Karasumori station was now to Shimbashi Station, and the old station called henceforth the Shiodome.

In 1974, the underground route ( Chika - sen) of the Tōkaidō Line between Tokyo and Shinagawa was completed, on her the trains of Yokosuka Line.

When splitting and privatization of the state railway 1987, the station fell to the JR Higashi- Nihon.


1934, the first subway line in Tokyo, today's Ginza Line, Ginza was extended to Shimbashi. 1939, the metro station is a through station, as an extension of the second section between Shibuya and Toranomon was completed. 2004 the station was privatized with the Ginza line and transferred to the Tokyo Chikatetsu KK.

The 1960 opened metro line 1 of the Tokyo prefecture of Oshiage after Asakusabashi was extended from 1963 to Shimbashi. A year later opened the extension to Daimon. In 1978 the line officially named Asakusa Line. Today, the Shimbashi station is number A- tenth


As a point of Tōkyō- Rinkai Shinkōtsū - Rinkai line Yurikamome the Shimbashi terminus was opened in 1995. 2001, the station was relocated during construction of the Shiodome Shiosite westward to its current location.

Lines and Neighboring Stations


Shimbashi is a commercial center with numerous office buildings. Between the Shimbashi train stations and the Shiodome Building Shiodome complex Shiosite is the 215 meter tall Shiodome City Center, Nihon TV Tower and the Dentsu Building. Nearby is also the headquarters of the Food and cosmetics company Yakult.

The arcades beneath the elevated train will be partially used around the Shimbashi train station shops and restaurants.


In 2007, a daily average of 249 607 persons took advantage of the JR lines and 217 790, the Tokyo Metro.


The station is equipped with disabled toilets. S does not exist, the platforms are, however, accessible via escalators.