Shimonoseki (Japanese下 关 市- shi) is the most south-westerly town on Honshu, the main island of Japan, and belongs to the prefecture of Yamaguchi.


Shimonoseki is located opposite the city of Kitakyushu on the island of Kyushu, with which it is connected by tunnel, a ferry and the Kammon bridge.

Ship 30 minutes northwest is the island Futaoi.


Until modern times, the village was called Akamagaseki (赤 间 关/赤 马 关) or short Bakan (马 关).

In the city the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki was held on April 17, 1895, which ( 1894-1895 ) ended the Sino-Japanese war.

On 1 June 1902, the renaming was done in Shimonoseki.

The population is declining with increasing trend since the 1980s. For 1980, 325,000 people lived in Shimonoseki.


There are also important ferry to Busan (Korea ) and Qingdao ( China).

  • Street: Chugoku highway
  • San'yo highway
  • National road 2, to Osaka or Kitakyushu
  • National Road 9, to Kyoto
  • San'yo JR Shinkansen, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hakata
  • JR San'yo Main Line, to Kobe
  • JR San'in main line to Kyoto


Shimonoseki is an important fishing port. He is especially true as a traditional home port of the Japanese whaling fleet.

In addition to the fish processing (mainly Fugu ) are economically significant: shipyards, chemical factories, engineering firms and even tourism. The biggest tourist attraction is the Akama - jingū, which is dedicated to the Japanese Emperor Antoku child.

Shimonoseki is also an important commercial port. Already 1905-45 frequented daily train ferry to Pusan ​​( Busan) / Korea with direct access to the Trans-Siberian Railway: Pusan ​​- Seoul - Uiju (China), Andong - Mukden ( Russia / USSR), Manchurija etc. From 1967, regular passenger traffic was resumed gradually with the Asian neighbors. Today, run back daily ferries to Busan / Korea, two times a week to Qingdao ( Tsingtao ) / China etc.


  • Public City University of Shimonoseki

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Yoshimasa Hayashi ( born 1961 ), Secretary of Defense
  • Kinuyo Tanaka ( actress and director )
  • Norio Wakamoto ( voice actor )
  • Yoshiaki Takaki ( politician)


  • People's Republic of China Qingdao ( China )
  • Flag of South Korea Busan ( South Korea)
  • Turkey Istanbul ( Turkey)
  • United States Pittsburg (USA)
  • Brazil Santos ( Brazil)

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