Shin Takahashi

Shin Takahashi (Japanese高橋 しんactually高桥 真, Shin Takahashi, born September 8, 1967 in Shibetsu Hokkaidō ) is a Japanese mangaka, which is characterized mainly by its realistic style and the already extensive use of early computer graphics that scarcely can be distinguished from drawings. For the paperback releases of his manga he draws very many panels or entire pages again. He holds a degree from the Law School of Yamanashi Gakuin University.

He was known by the Manga She, The Ultimate Weapon internationally.

Works (selection)

Shin Takahashi released the following published as tankōbon works:

  • Ii Hito. ( .いいひと, GV " A good man "; 1993-1999, 26 volumes) Sayonara, Papa. (さよなら,パパ, dt " good-bye, Daddy. "; . 's Short story collection, 2002)
  • Heiki Kanojo Gaiden Saishu - Shuu: Sekai no Hate ni wa Kimi to Futari de (最終 兵器 彼女 外伝 集 世界 の 果て に は 君 と 二 人 で; short story collection, 2006)
  • Spica: The twin STARS of " Kimi no Kakera " (スピカThe twin STARS of "きみ の カケラ"; 2013)