Shinnik Bobruisk

Schinnik Bobruisk (Russian Шинник Бобруйск ) was a Belarusian ice hockey club from Bobruisk, who played until 2011 in the Belarusian Extraliga. The club was founded in 2008 and was its home games in the Bobruisk Arena, which offers 7,151 spectators.


Schinnik Bobruisk was founded in 2008. The team took from the season 2008/ 09 part in the game operation of the Belarusian Extraliga. Following the 2010/11 season, the team withdrew from playing the Extraliga.

2010 founded the KHL club HK Dinamo Minsk a hockey club in Bobruisk, participates since then with various teams under the name of Dinamo- Schinnik Bobruisk on the Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja League and the Wysschaja league.

Known player

  • Syarhey Drozd
  • Andrei Aleksandrovich Gavrilov
  • Aleh Haroschka
  • Dsmitry Korabau
  • Andrei Vladimirovich Ptscheljakow