Shire of Boyup Brook

- 33.833333333333116.38333333333Koordinaten: 33 ° 50 ' S, 116 ° 23' O The Shire of Boyup Brook is a Local Government Area ( LGA) in the Australian state of Western Australia. The area is 2829 km ² and has about 1500 inhabitants.

Boyup Brook is located in the southwest of the state about 220 km south of the capital, Perth. The seat of the City Council is located in the town of Boyup Brook, where about 530 inhabitants.


The Boyup Brook Council has nine members. They are the inhabitants of the four Wards ( three from the Boyup Brook, two each from the Benjiup, Dinninup and Scotts Brook Ward) selected. From the circle of Councillor also the Chairman of the Council ( Shire President) recruited.