Shire of Shark Bay

- 25.916666666667113.53333333333Koordinaten: 25 ° 55 ' S, 113 ° 32' O The Shire of Shark Bay is a Local Government Area ( LGA) in the Australian state of Western Australia. The area is 25,423 km ² and has about 860 inhabitants.

Shark Bay is located on the west coast of the state about 600 km north of the capital, Perth. The seat of the Shire Council is located in the village of Denham, where about 600 inhabitants.


The Shark Bay Council has seven members. The Councillor will of the inhabitants of the three Wards ( five from the Denham and one each from the ministry and the Useless Loop Ward) selected. From the circle of Councillor also the President of the Council and Shire President recruited.