Shiri Maimon

Referee Maimon (Hebrew שירי מימון; born May 17, 1981 in Haifa, Israel) is an Israeli singer, who finished second in the first season of Pop Idol Israeli Kochav Nolad. With her ​​song HaScheket Schenisch'ar ( השקט שנשאר ) she finished with 154 points to fourth place in the final of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2005.


Referee Maimon was born in Haifa and grew up in Kiryat Chaim. Already ten years she took part in a children's festival. In 2001 she made ​​her first appearance in a music video of the group " Tipeks ". After her military service in the Israeli Air Force, she went to Eilat, where he worked as a waitress and singer.

In 2003, she finished second in the first season of the Israeli version of Pop Idol Kochav Nolad and became famous overnight. On 2 March 2005 she participated in the Israeli preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest, the Kdam - Euro vision with the song HaScheket Schenisch'ar ( " The silence which remained " ) part. She won with 116 points and thus qualified for participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, where she first had to compete in the semifinals.

In the semi-final of the Euro Vision Song Contest she finished seventh in the final fourth with 154 points, which came only 12 points from Monaco.

In September 2005, published referee Maimon their eponymous debut album, which received gold status within months.

Since March 2006, Maimon plays the role of the talented singer Maya Gold in Israeli soap " Jeladot Ra'ot " ( Bad Girls ).

In London, she took on her first international album. It was published in 2008 under the title Standing On My Own.