Shoal Bay Receiving Station

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- 12.3588130.9822Koordinaten: 12 ° 21 ' 31.7 "S, 130 ° 58' 55.9 " E

The Shoal Bay Receiving Station is an intelligence facility in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. It is located on the Bay Shoal Bay approximately 17 kilometers from Darwin. Operator is the Australian Signals Directorate in cooperation with other parts of the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force. The plant is part of the ECHELON program. Bugged is the civil and military telecommunications from Indonesia. The station is under the UKUSA agreement, which is also called Five Eyes operated.

According to the report of the European Parliament of 11 July 2001, the station was operated by the Australian intelligence service and scored 10 satellite antennas. The report was based on the information provided by the author Jeffrey Richelson, a former member of the National Security Archive, founded in 1985. According to Richelson the antennas were aligned on the Indonesian PALAPA satellites.

In 2005, the station had 17 antennas. In the station worked at that time 85 people, including 45 Boeing Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald named the Shoal Bay Receiving Station as one of four monitoring devices in Australia next to Pine Gap, HMAS Harman and Geraldton / Kojarena that use the software XKeyscore to provide data for the NSA to sammeln.Weiterhin the newspaper Shoal Bay monitoring system compared to the famous Bletchley Park, where the English have decrypted the encrypted with the Enigma communication of Germans during the Second World War.