The Shors ( proper name: Schor, russ Schorzy / Шорцы ) are a small indigenous people of Siberia. The Shor language belongs to the family of Turkic languages ​​.

Population and settlement area

In the 2002 census, 13,975 people gave their ethnicity as Shor. The majority of this ( 11554 ) lived in the Kemerovo Oblast, during 1078 people were registered in the Republic of Khakassia and 141 in the Republic of Altai.


In Russia, the Shors the group of small indigenous peoples of the Russian North, Siberia and the Russian Far East are assigned that are organized under the umbrella organization RAIPON.

Literature and music

In the novel The newcomer Michael Ebmeyer the Shors play an important role, in particular a Shorian musician and shaman. The author served the Shorian musician Tschyltys (aka Olga Tannagaschewa ) as a model for the fictional character. The novel was made ​​into a film under the title Ironically, Siberia, 2012.