Short Cuts

Short Cuts is an American film directed by Robert Altman from the year 1993. The script is created based on several short stories by Raymond Carver.


Short Cuts recounts episodes from the lives of a number of the Los Angeles- people. Among other things, relationship problems, the unglamorous reality of our phone and the discovery of a water body are presented.

The individual, loosely interconnected storylines develop a complex network - a main plot in the traditional sense does not exist. Two events connect all strands: A helicopter flight over Los Angeles at the beginning of the film as well as an earthquake at its end.


Short Cuts has been recorded worldwide by the critical acclaim. Was praised in particular the overall performance of a very large team performer. The entire staff have been awarded performer Special Awards of the International Film Festival of Venice, including the Golden Globe. Robert Altman is the founder of the so-called multi- character form, which is in contrast to conventional separation into main and supporting roles on the performance of an ensemble from which protrude no single actor.

" Master director Robert Altman here leads average people from all desires and frustrations. He dives with the camera in the metropolis of Los Angeles and shows moments from the life of different people. Artfully interwoven episodes together to form an apocalyptic monumental painting, a genre picture of Southern California from the late 20th century. The brilliant director gives an outstanding dance prominent actors added attraction. "

"A large number of episodic details about the life of Californian couples forming in extremely artful interweaving the satirical, disturbing portrait of a society without responsibility, shame and intimacy. Robert Altman builds on stylistic elements and the detached observation of his film, Nashville ', and supplies, backed by an equally prominent and impressive ensemble of actors, a pessimistic assessment of the early '90s. "