Short track speed skating

Short track speed skating is a discipline that is olympic since 1992. The races are (usually a hockey rink ) played on a 111.12 meter oval track, the winner is determined in a leading through several rounds of competition in the knockout system. The term short track speed skating (short track ) refers to the path length, which is 400 meters in the classic speed skating. The decisive factor - in contrast to the related speed skating - not the time recorded, but only the placement. Start each running four to eight runners ( over shorter distances less on longer more ) of which reach two to three the next round. Mass start and running in Pulk (so-called Pack Style) have special requirements for the tactical behavior of the rotor, the tight curves force a over the classic speed skating substantially different techniques and types of equipment.

There are choices in the all around, in the relay and to the individual sections.

  • The multi-discipline (Overall ) consists of race over 1500 meters (13 1/2 rounds ), 500 meters ( 4 1/ 2 rounds ), 1000 meters ( 9 rounds ) and 3000 meters (27 laps), in that order (usually at two to three days ) will be played. The first three sections are held with all the participants from the first run to the finals, over 3000 meters there is only one race with the six to eight top finishers after three distances. Around champion will be determined at the World Championships, European Championships and National Championships.
  • In the relay race challenge from four runners existing teams race over 3000 meters (women) or 5000 meters (men). It is changed continuously, the runners each not in use to keep within the 111.12 -meter lap. Season champions will be determined at the Winter Olympics World, European and National Championships.
  • The usually discharged individual decisions are 500 meters, 1000 meters and 1500 meters. The discharge can take place both separately and as part of a multi- fight. Individual winners will be determined at the Olympic Winter Games World and several national championships.

In junior competitions and not registered by the ISU competitions other track lengths are common.

From the international governing body ISU ( International Skating Union) World Championships, European Championships, held every year ( since 1976 ) (since 1997) and the short track speed skating World Cup. The ISU registered world records over 500, 1000, 1500 and 3000 meters and in the relay race. Short track speed skating heard since 1988 (Demo, officially 1992) the program of the Olympic Winter Games.

Competent national associations (selection) are

  • In Germany, the German speed skating community
  • In Switzerland, the Swiss Skating Association
  • In Austria, the Austrian Speed ​​Skating Association

World Records