Shriman Satyawadi

  • Raj Kapoor: Vijay
  • Shakila: Geeta
  • Mehmood: Kishore
  • Radhakrishan: Lalachand
  • Raja Nene: Mohanlal
  • Nasir Hussain: Champalal
  • Brahm Bhardwaj: Police Inspector
  • Moni Chatterjee: Moni Chatterjee, Editor

Sriman Satyawadi is a Hindi film made in 1960. Raj Kapoor is seen in the social drama as an honest man who gets all too well to feel how difficult it is to compete in a dishonest world.


The small Vijaykumar lives with his sick and widowed father Mohanlal under poor conditions. As an honest shopkeeper he deserves the wherewithal to feed himself and his son. This does not fit the neighbor and competitor Lalachand. One day he hid cocaine in Mohanlals store and alerted the police. After the police will find them, they want to Mohanlal who is always honest pay. But the sick man can not cope with this and die of heart failure.

Sorry about the death of his father Vijay has never forgotten the words of his father and grew up with his father to the doctor to an honest man. After his college graduation, he finds a job in the advertising department of the rich Champalal and his daughter Geeta, who is responsible for this department. He also meets Kishore, Lalachands son, Vijay could not stand even during school days.

While Vijay Kishore and fight for Geetas heart, Lalachand wants to increase his fortune. He makes the ignorant Champalal to its investor and produces untested skin creams and fake pain pills.

To impress Geeta quick progress, Kishore wants to market the skin cream, without waiting for the reviews. However, already the first customers come with their complaints. Even the editor of a local newspaper, Moni Chatterjee, is present and interviewed Vijay. This confirms that the skin cream was introduced before waiting for the test report in the market.

After the article in the newspaper appears and this is a bad publicity for Champalal company, Vijay is asked of him to task. Since Vijay is accused of telling the truth, Vijay announces his job, as this would otherwise violations against his principles. Much to the annoyance of Geeta who is in love already in the honest man.

Quickly locates Vijay a job at Moni Chatterjee, who was impressed by his honesty. Due to his sincere reports, Vijay will be very popular, so that one day a helpless blind man turns to him. He say his child had died due to a pain pill. Vijay is the thing on the ground. His track eventually leads him to Lalachand who threatens with death if ever should appear an article about the toxic painkillers. But Vijay feels no fear of the truth and gets into some turbulence. Finally, the truth and Lalachand wins is removed while Champalal apologized to Vijay. Even Vijay's love for Geeta finds a happy ending.