Under toll diversion refers to traffic flows arising from the fact that road users if necessary, use less convenient, but toll-free routes to avoid road tolls. In the alternative routes that leads to a higher traffic density and strength, while they reduce to the avoided toll routes.


As is charged in Germany almost exclusively by trucks on highways tolls, the phenomenon essentially limited to trucks that use federal roads and highways also in transit.

Night driving restrictions for the truck through traffic

In Hessen and Baden- Württemberg night driving restrictions or bans on general transport trucks were prescribed to some alternative routes. However, this has lifted the Administrative Court of the State of Hesse. However, in Baden-Württemberg, they still exist, are in the " BGL alternative route map 2008" cost.

Tolls on federal roads

To avoid losing revenue through toll - rerouting has been decided on the basis of a regulation to raise truck tolls on some highways. These routes have been named in the regulation.

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