Sia Furler

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler [ si ː ə ] ( born December 18, 1975 in Adelaide ) is an Australian singer, who is known internationally through her work with Zero 7, Sia by her stage name and has released five solo albums.


Sia Furler was part of the Australian acid jazz formation Crisp, which released two albums Word and the Deal (1996) and Delirium (1997). 1997 Furler left the band, worked as a trip-hop solo artist and released her first solo album OnlySee on the now -defunct independent label Flavoured Records out. Your former Crisp bandmate Jesse Flavell produced the album and wrote most of the tracks.

Sia only achieved commercial success when they emigrated to the UK to start a solo career. In 2000 she signed a contract with Sony Music subordinate label Dance Pool, in which she released her album Healing Is Difficult. The music consisted of a mix of rhythm and blues and jazz. The album contained two tracks Drink to Get Drunk ( Remixed by Different Gear ) and Little Man, which gained notoriety in the underground, and the track Taken for Granted that even made it into the top 10 on the British charts.

Healing Is Difficult got very appreciative reviews and Sia has already been touted as the next Lauryn Hill or Nelly Furtado. Nevertheless, she left the label of Sony Music and signed thereafter at Go! Beat Records, which belongs to UMG.

In 2003, she released the EP Do not Bring Me Down ( the same song is also in the French movie 36 - to hear Deadly Rivals ) and the following year the album Colour the Small One in Europe and Australia. This was compared to the rather quiet debut with acoustic instruments and a little electronic components, which led to comparisons with Dido and Sarah McLachlan. The tracks Breathe Me and Where I Belong were released as singles. Breathe Me gained greater prominence because of this track during the long final scene of the last episode of Six Feet Under - Died is always listening. The American musician Beck wrote on track with The Bully, and two others, previously unreleased tracks, Killing Kindness and Silence Them. Beginning of 2006, the contract was signed with Go! Beat Records disbanded because Sia was disappointed by the promotion.

In addition to her solo career, Sia sang for the band Zero 7 Destiny and Distractions their songs on the debut album Simple Things, and the two tracks Somersault and Speed ​​Dial No.. 2 When on the second album It Falls. Also on the third album by Zero 7 The Garden, in turn, can be heard six tracks with voice Sias. They also recorded a cover version of Paranoid Android by Radiohead, which can be heard on a tribute album for Radiohead.

On April 16, 2007 she released her live album Lady Croissant, on which, a new studio track is included ( Pictures).

In 2008, Sander van Doorn produced DJs like or Stonebridge remixes of their single The Girl You Lost to Cocaine. These mixes were particularly mixed into the trance, house and progressive scene in many live sets and radio shows, which led to a significant increase in brand awareness. Also known as the Single Button, which was heard in various sets of Markus Schulz was.

The title Breathe Me was the title song of the movie phantom pain with Til Schweiger in 2009. Back in 2005 was the song in the series Six Feet Under - Died always used in the series finale and on the soundtrack album Six Feet Under, Vol 2: published Everything Ends. 2010 appeared the singles Under the Milky Way, Clap Your Hands and My Love, which also featured on the soundtrack of the movie Eclipse - is represented Bis (s ) Eclipse from the Twilight series.

Sia Furler wrote with Samuel Dixon and Christina Aguilera songs All I Need, Stronger Than Ever, I Am and You Lost Me that have appeared on Aguilera's Bionic album in June 2010.

Her current album We Are Born was released on 18 June 2010 under the label Monkey Puzzle. In August 2011, the single Titanium, which she had recorded with David Guetta appeared. In December 2011, another single called Wild Ones, in which she collaborated with rapper Flo Rida released. In September 2012, the single She Wolf ( Falling to Pieces) came out, she had resumed with David Guetta.

She wrote, among others, also some songs for Rihanna's album Unapologetic, including the hit single Diamonds.



  • Label: Flavoured Records
  • Label: Go! Beat / Astralwerks
  • Label: EMI / Astralwerks
  • Label: Hear Music
  • Label: Monkey Puzzle
  • Label: Inertia Records


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