Siayan Island

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Siayan Iceland is the name of an island in the province of Batanes in the Philippines. Regionally, the island is also known under the name Stayan Iceland. It belongs to the archipelago of the Batan Islands and is located about 295 km off the north coast of the island of Luzon, in the Luzon Strait. The island has an area of about 0.7 km ² and is part of the administrative territory of the municipality of Itbayat, and in the Barangay Marapuy (Santa Maria).

Siayan Iceland is uninhabited and has a roundish - oval shape with a length of about 1.1 km and a width of approximately 0.7 km. She is a now extinct volcano of about 165 meters rises above the sea level. The coastline of the island is formed by an alternation of steep rocky cliffs and white sandy beaches. The vegetation of the island consists of dense tropical vegetation and is inhabited by Palm thieves, ants and birds. Human Siedlungsspruren were discovered during the archaeological excavations of 2002-2004 on the island, this show which was inhabited until 1300 years the island.

To the north lies Mabudis Iceland in about 4 km south of Itbayat Iceland is 8 km ( north shore ), south-east Iceland in Diogo is about 33 km and Batan Iceland in about 76 km distance from the island. The northernmost island of the Philippines Y'Ami Iceland lies in 34 km distance.