Side-scrolling video game

As a side-scroller are generally referred to games in which the player from the side looking at the game.

Often this presentation at Jump ' n' runs (eg Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog ), shoot ' em ups (eg Uridium 2, Strike Force) and beat' em ups (see side-scrolling is Beat 'em up ) used. For the latter two, the game footage can more or less automatically only move in one direction and the player can not move back so, in other games, however, is the free movement in the game world is possible and necessary. Also is often made of the effect of the motion parallax use, to generate a more visual depth.

Originally this presentation was typical for games with 2D graphics. Later, the display and control principle of the side- scroller was also applied to some 3D games, for example, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project ( 2002) and Trine ( 2009).