Sideslip angle

As sideslip (English sideslip angle, crab angle ) is defined as the drift angle between the longitudinal axis of an aircraft and the direction of the incident flow (relative wind). The sliding angle is aerodynamically of interest. If it is different from zero, the wings are asymmetrical flows. When it is calm and normal flight it is zero. In the gliding of the sliding angle can be checked in the easiest way with the help of a thread.

The sideslip increases downforce without increasing the speed. It is a way to increase the glide angle during landing if no other delay aids such as spoilers are available. As with the crosswind landing (English crosswind landing ) must match when placing the aircraft on the runway of the direction of movement with the alignment of the wheels along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.

In order not to be confused is the windward or lead angle. It indicates how far an aircraft needs to be rotated in a crosswind from the course direction to stay the course.

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