Sidonie Goossens

Sidonie Goossens (* October 19, 1899 in Liscard, Cheshire, † December 15, 2004 in Reigate) was a British harpist.

Sidonie Goossens came from an important family of musicians London: Her grandfather Eugène Goossens was of Belgian origin and worked from 1873 in London as an opera conductor, her father Eugène Goossens ( 1867-1958 ) was also an opera conductor in London. Her brother Sir Eugène Aynsley Goossens (1893-1962) was also a prominent conductor as well as a successful composer, her brother Léon Goossens (1897-1988) one of the most famous oboist in the world and her sister Marie Goossens (1894-1991) as a harpist.

In 1927, Sidonie Goossens for the BBC Symphony Orchestra, 1930, she was the first harpist of the orchestra. She married the orchestra leader and composer Hyam Greenbaum.

To celebrate its 100th birthday in 1999, this was given in honor of a concert at the Wigmore Hall in London. Sidonie Goossens died on 15 December 2004 at the age of 105 years.

  • Classic harpist
  • Briton
  • Born in 1899
  • Died in 2004
  • Woman