Sierra Leonean leone

1 EUR = 6007.4 SLL 1000 SLL = 0.16646 EUR

1 CHF = 4923.3 SLL 1000 SLL = 0.20312 CHF

The Leone is the currency of Sierra Leone since 1964.

Banknotes and coins

The Bank of Sierra Leone are coins of 100 and 500 Leones and banknotes out to 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 Leones. Due to the low value are coins of 10, 50, and 100 Leones and no longer marked or printed banknotes to 50 and 100 Leones. 50 Leones were referred to as gold. In practical life will find primarily the coins and banknotes of 100 Leones Leones 2000 application; Banknotes and coins to 10,000 to 500 Leones are only issued in very small numbers and are almost impossible to find in everyday life. In 2008, the introduction of a 20,000 - Leone banknote was provided, which was not introduced.

The Leone banknotes have several security features and have long been considered one of the most secure banknote series Africa. However, 2010 new banknotes was decided from the 14 May issue in altered sizes, with better features for the blind and more extensive security features by the Bank of Sierra Leone (except Le 500). Among other things the bills received for the first time, with their value in ascending order, different dimensions. The old banknotes remain legal tender 2011 for a transitional period until 15 August.


The course has - also because of the decline of the U.S. dollar - since April 2007 from about 3200 to 5000 Leones per euro worsened (2007 on average 3,850 Leones per euro ). The exchange rate of the Leone to the U.S. dollar moves relatively constant rate of 3000 Leones per dollar.

Future of Leones

Together with five other West African States (West African Monetary Zone) Sierra Leone has been working for several years on the introduction of a common currency ( like the euro ). Working title of the currency is "West African Units Accounts" ( WAUA ), which has the fixed exchange rate of 1 WAUA = 1.35 U.S. dollars. Currently, there are traveler's checks in WAUA. They are accepted in all Member States. 1 WAUA corresponds to about Le 4500. In 2007, the Member States have agreed on a name for the future single currency, the ECO.