Sietow is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Robel -Müritz based in the city Robel / Müritz.


The municipality is located Sietow in the Mecklenburg Lake District, close to the western shore of Lake Müritz ( Sietower Bay ) and approximately in the middle of the city triangle Waren (Müritz) -Malchow-Röbel/Müritz.

To Sietow include the districts Hinrichsberg, Sietow village and Zierzow.


Originally Slavic populated village first appears in the 13th century in a document. The place name is derived from the old Slavic Sietows word " Żytko ", which means " grain eye". Like many villages in the area was also Sietow in the 13th century belonged to the Prince of Werle. Sophie von Werle sold the village in 1300 to the former tenant Dietrich von Gerden. The family of Gerden increased its ownership of Sietow in the subsequent period even larger, were, however, after 1340 estate as an after fief to the monastery Dobbertin that the entire village was including the church patronage of the Prince Nicholas and Bernard of Werle on 13 March 1344.

In the 1920s, in particular, the present-day districts Sietow village and Hinrichsberg were settled by farmers from different parts of Germany. Another Aufsiedlung was carried out by new farmers as a result of the land reform after 1945 by refugees.

After 1990, a strong development of tourism was recorded in Sietow. In addition to many holiday homes houses were built. Among the tourist activities include further a camping area and a boating center in the port facility at the Sietower bay.

Culture and sights

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  • The village church Sietow dates from the second half of the 13th century and is a rectangular brick building with recessed choir from field stone and the stone tower with a square box truss tower to the west. The organ, a neo-gothic series brochure with five pipes fields and right-sided game table was built in 1866 by Friedrich Hermann Lütkemüller. With the examination of the organ Doberan organ builder Henry Rasche was commissioned by the Dobbertiner abbot in March 1866.
  • The two-storey neoclassical Hinrichs Berger Manor House ( Castle ) burned down in 2009. Get remained a remodeled wing of about 1850 and an underground vault with the dungeon from the robber barons time.
  • Firm tradition is the annual Harbour Festival which was Sietow community.


Sietow is located on the main road 192 from Waren (Müritz) to Malchow. In Sietow the link road branches off to Robel / Müritz or the federal road 198. The motorway junction Waren (Müritz) A 19 ( Rostock- Wittstock / Dosse) is about 13 km away. The nearest train stations are in Malchow and Waren (Müritz).