Sihlfeld (formerly Upper Sihlfeld ) is a quarter in the district 3 ( Wiedikon ) of the City of Zurich in Switzerland. The district does not return to a former congregation, but a three-division Wiedikons by the statistical office.

The neighborhood consists mostly of perpendicular scale block edge cultivations, emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century. Conceived as a practically pure residential district, there is no historical village core. A central function assumes the Birmensdorferstrasse between forging Wiedikon and Goldbrunnenplatz which forms the common border of the district Wiediker Alt- Wiedikon classification according to the Statistical Office.


There are no conspicuous topographic surveys within the district. Striking is the cemetery Sihlfeld, which is the largest green area of Zurich within built-up areas. The highest point is the Triemliplatz (453 m asl).

Neighborhood boundary

The left Sihlufer forms the eastern border of the district Enge, in the north bordering the neighborhood from the Sihlhölzlibrücke west along the Schimmelstrasse and the Seebahneinschnitt to the Aussersihler quarters Werd and again from the Lochergut the Baden Strasse until you reach Letzigraben to the hardware. The western boundary follows the Letzigraben where a short border piece to the quarters Altstetten is, the rest of the boundary line from Hubertus along the Gutstrasse and the Triemlifussweg, including the entire Triemliplatzes borders the district Albisrieden. In the south the boundary follows the Birmensdorferstrasse that you share with the Friesenberg respectively from Heuried with the neighborhood Alt- Wiedikon. The last frontier piece from the forge follows the Zurlindenstrasse Sihl and closes the Sihlhölzli with a.

Geological Sihlfeld

The name of the district derives from the geological subsoil, a wide, groundwater bearing gravel field that was flooded by the river Sihl and countless streams, erode the rock from Uetliberg. The lodging is not congruent with the geological Sihlfeld extending north to the Limmat ( " lower Sihlfeld ") and mixed with the ground water also leading Limmat gravel. To 1787 included the lower Sihlfeld at that community Wiedikon, with the spin-off Aussersihls changed its affiliation. At the old geographical names of former Schrägweg recalls ( diagonal to the block edge cultivations running ), which was renamed in Sihlfeldstrasse. The road extends from the neighborhood Sihlfeld across the district hardware, which also carries a field name that differs geographically from the district name.