Siirt Province

Siirt (Kurdish SERT) is a province in southeastern Turkey. Its capital is the city of Siirt. Siirt is highly 600-1600 m and covers an area of ​​6186 km ². To the north are Bitlis and Van. In the south, the province borders on Şırnak and Mardin and Batman in the West. The highest point in the province is the Herekol Dagi with 2838 m.


The province has 310 879 inhabitants, most of whom are Kurds. Furthermore, there is a relatively small Arab minority in Siirt.



Siirts history dates back very far. Siirt belonged to the Assyrians, the Babylonians and then the Medes and the Persians. The Romans, the Parthians and the Sassanids ruled here. In 1514 it fell to the Ottomans. 1919 Siirt was a sanjak of the Ottoman Empire and in 1923 a province of Turkey.