Silanion (Greek Σιλανίων ) was a Bronzebildner of the 4th century BC in Athens.

According to Pliny the Elder, the culmination of his work falls in the period 328-325 BC Apparently self-taught, he created statues of Achilles, Theseus and Jocasta and winner statues of pugilists for the Olympic Games. Only the statue of Plato, which was erected in the Academy, is not obtained, can be attributed to him with certainty. Go back sixteen preserved Roman copies of the head on the statue. As best copy applies the Glyptothek of Munich, another major type of copies is owned by the Vatican Museums. Controversial, however, include the identifications of portraits of the poets Sappho and Corinna, and the sculptor Apollodorus. Pliny held for a special performance of Silanion that he incorporated physical and psychological states of the sitter in his works. Silanion is said to have written a treatise on compositional issues.