Silbernes Lorbeerblatt

The Silver Laurel Leaf, the highest sports award in Germany awarded. The Foundation took place on 23 June 1950 by the then Federal President Theodor Heuss. However, the award was confirmed only after the introduction of the law on titles, orders and medals of 26 July 1957 on 24 March 1964 the then Federal President Heinrich Lübke. This decree was set with effect from 1 June 2013. It has since the adoption of the Foundation of the Silver bay leaf on May 22, 2013, which governs the first time that a sanctioned with a lock shall constitute an anti -doping rule precludes an award in principle.

  • 4.1 Individual athletes and individuals
  • 4.2 team performance

Purpose of the Foundation

The Silver Bay Leaf is a state decorations and ( international) awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of sports and music life.

Rating scale

At the presentation and evaluation of the underlying performance of the person to be honored a strict standard to be applied in order to highlight the value of this award. Unique high performance rich in principle not. The power must also reflect an exemplary human attitude and character of the Auszuzeichnenden. The then Schily emphasized during his speech to 140 successful athletes on 31 March 2003 in Berlin the foundation principle again that the Silver Laurel Leaf should not only recognize the sporting achievements of an individual or team per se, but that the award also evaluating the human and character attitude of the individual is.


An exception to the otherwise strict assessment criteria form medalist at the Olympic Games, the Deaflympics and the Paralympics. This can get the Silver Laurel Leaf even with one-time top athletic performance.

Shape, texture and structural manner

The Silver Bay Leaf is a silver pin and in the women's versions a Ansteckbrosche in the form of a horizontally lying bay leaf. The special production, however, is kept slightly larger. The bay leaf is worn either as a pin or brooch on the left collar impact of the service on the skirt or suit. If the bay leaf worn as a reduced version ( thumbnail ) on the band buckle, the Olympic colors are to be used (blue -yellow-black -green- red) as a substrate.

Award procedure

Individual athletes and individuals

The Beleihende to receive delivery with a bay leaf award certificate with an enlarged version of the paper. This has not been intended to be worn. This scheme was changed with the new version of Article 1980. So the Entrusted receives from the November 28, 1980, only the award certificate and no larger " non-portable " bay leaf more.

Team services

At the ceremony bay leaf because of a team effort, the team or the club will receive the larger model as well as an award certificate. The involved in the performance active members receive the honor drawing ( in its original size ) together with award document. Moreover, the larger model could be given as an award to a club (without the reward members ).

First ceremonies

On 25 June 1950, show jumping Fritz Thiedemann received the first individual athletes and the German soccer champion in 1950, VfB Stuttgart, the first team the silver laurel leaf. The tennis player Inge Pohmann received the award on July 2, 1950 as the first woman.

Application and awarding powers

If an athlete or a team will receive the Silver Laurel Leaf, then it must apply to the President of the President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. This request is from the Federal President and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for the sport, tested. The Federal Interior Minister signs the approved application under Article 58 of the Basic Law. In special cases, the President presented the Silver Laurel Leaf itself, otherwise it is represented by the Federal Minister of the Interior.

Award at musischem area

Despite the clear wording in the Foundation Decree that the Silver Laurel Leaf can also be awarded for artistic achievements, his award has previously been performed only sporadically in this area. For example, in 1954 the award for musical performance was only awarded twice. An award which went to the mandolin orchestra Bad Vilbel.


Since the Silver Laurel Leaf can be awarded only once to get athletes who have already received this award, the Silver Laurel Leaf on renewed ceremony in a special production. Thus, the footballer and World Champion from 1954 Fritz Walter as well as the handball player Erhard Wunderlich was honored three times. The national soccer teams of the world championships in 1974, 2006 and 2010, including their coach Helmut Schön, Jürgen Klinsmann and Joachim Loew were also honored with the Silver Laurel Leaf.

The shot putter David Storl, 2011 World Champion and Olympic silver medalist in 2012, was denied the award in November 2012, as he had shot in the spring of 2011 with an air rifle at a dog.