Silicon Image

Silicon Image has developed a U.S. company with corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, the semiconductor and produces.


Silicon Image was founded in January 1995 and is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol SIMG. The company has its own account (2005 ) more than 425 employees.

Took over on 3 January 2007 Silicon Image, the company, sci-worx GmbH ( with locations in Hanover, Braunschweig and Hamburg) to 100 percent of Infineon. On 22 October 2009 stated COO Harold Covert, that at the end of the two development sites are to be closed in Germany, where about 150 are affected by the 325 employees in the development department of the company. In future, the two remaining sites in the United States and China will be strengthened and the number of employees increased by 2010 to 250.


Silicon Image developed integrated circuits in high -speed data transmission, are examples of circuits for controlling the DVI and SATA interface. In addition, they are used for secure transmission, storage and display of data media used (HDMI interface). ICs from Silicon Image are both computers ( LC displays, graphics cards ) as well as in consumer electronics devices (such as Digital TV, HD TV, DVD player, set-top - boxes) used.

The products are divided into three product lines: products for the control of data storage ( SteelVine ) circuits for the control of LCD or plasma digital displays ( VastLane (HDMI / DVI) ) and TV Circuits ( PinnaClear ).

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