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Silifke is a city in the province of Mersin in Turkey, located on the banks of Göksu at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.


In ancient times the city was called Seleucia (Greek Σελεύκεια ) on Calycadnus (now Göksu ). It was BC founded at the beginning of the 3rd century by Seleucus I Nicator and (as well as a number of other Seleucid city foundations ) named after the ruler. The previous settlements were called olba and Hyria, also the inhabitants of Holmi were resettled here ( Stephanus of Byzantium, Strabo, 14, 670 ). According to Stephen of Byzantium ( Ethnicorum Quae Super Sunt ) was the old name of Seleucia Huria. WF Albright wants Silifke equate with the Luwian Ura are those in which he followed A. Lemaire and H. Lozachmeur

Under the Romans Seleucia (Latin Seleucia ad Calycadnum ) became the capital of Isauria. Under the name of Seleucia in Isauria it is still a titular of the Roman Catholic Church.

In the Middle Ages the city was for a time the capital of the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia.

Emperor Frederick Barbarossa drowned in 1190 at the Third Crusade close to the city in Göksu, which was then called Saleph.


At the site of the ancient Acropolis stands the Byzantine citadel of Silifke which offers good views over the city and the valley of Göksu. On the way there is a twelve meter deep, accessible via a spiral staircase cistern. At the İnönü Caddesi is a Roman temple, which was dedicated to either Zeus, Apollo or Aphrodite. Two kilometers to the west is the early Christian pilgrimage of the holy Thekla ( Ayathekla ). Near Atakent, the ancient Korasion, 10 km east, lie the ruins of Karakabaklı, Paslı, Tekkadın and the tomb Mezgit Kalesi. In the village, 25 km east Narlıkuyu the mosaic of the Three Graces can be visited, close by are the Korykischen caves, two large sinkholes, and the Church of Hasanaliler. Again, a further 10 km are the ancient cities Korykos with the Maiden Castle, Elaiussa Sebaste and Kanytelleis and in Kızkalesi the ancient places Cambazli, Öküzlü, Çatıören and Adamkayalar called Roman rock tombs. In Gülnar, 40 km to the west lies the ancient fortress Meydancıkkale. Parts of the local Münzfunds are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Silifke.

Famous people

  • Birol Ünel (* 1961), actor


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