Silsila (Film)

Silsila (Hindi: सिलसिला, translated affair ) is a Bollywood film released in 1981.


Shekhar is a fighter pilot and a relationship with his great love Shobha. One day, Shekhar's younger brother and a poet Amit Malhotra to visit. During his stay Shekhar is to marry his promise only when Amit has also found a woman for life, to hold a double wedding.

In fact, the poet in love with the beautiful Chandni, whom he had met briefly before. When they think about getting married, comes the terrible news: Shekhar is killed in a maneuver killed.

To make matters worse, that Shekhar has left a pregnant Shobha. For an Indian woman this is a terrible situation, as it is marginalized by society. Well looks Amit agrees to help her. He sacrifices his own love and makes the covenant of marriage with Shobha. It turns out that Shobha has a miscarriage, but slowly an affection between the pair developed.

As fate would have it emerges Chandni, who is now married to the doctor VK Anand. It can not be long in coming, as the old love between Amit and Chandni flares up again and they begin an affair.

Although the two try everything her affair be kept secret, Shobha Amit's noted fondness for Chandni. Also Chandnis husband does not escape this. Nevertheless, they love their spouse and do not want to part with them.

But Amit and Chandni have other plans. Amit confesses his love for Chandni Shobha and separates from Shobha. He and Chandni travel to Shimla, where they learn of Shobha that Chandnis husband has a plane crash. Shocked by this news make them fast on the way to the accident site. Arriving there Amit saves the Doctor 's life. Chandni Anand and fall relieved in his arms and Shobha tells her husband to be pregnant by him. Finally, Amit and Shobha are also back together and Amit promises never to leave her alone again.


The texts of the film songs written Javed Akhtar, Rajendra Krishan, Kamal Hasan, Nida Fazli and Harivanshrai Bachchan.

This and That

It is said that the film 70s and early 80s based on Amitabh Bachchan's life at the end, there really arose rumors that he and Rekha have an affair, even though he was already married with Jaya Bhaduri.