Silverjet was a British airline that offered exclusively business class flights.


Back in 2004, Silverjet was founded by Lawrene Hurt, who then took over the management and this position accompanied her to the bankruptcy in the spring of 2008. First, the necessary capital was acquired before 2006, the official launch of the company was completed on AIM.

In the same year Silverjet, the British company charter company Flyjet and therefore lacked the necessary air operator certificate and operating license, the distance corresponding rights and two Boeing 757-200, which were ausgeflottet later, and a Boeing 767-200.

In autumn 2006, two Boeing 767-200 were initially procured by the British charter airline Thomsonfly that taken in March or October of the following year and were put into operation after finishing the cabin with adequate seats and the paint of the hulls.

On 25 January 2007 Silverjet launched the scheduled service between London Luton Airport and New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, initially with a daily connection. Back in September, a second daily service was added. Finally, in November Dubai was included in the flight plan.

The company presented on 30 May 2008, a flight operations, sought the meantime, however, for new investors. The most promising were the discussions with a Swiss investment company. The negotiations failed, however, and the company was liquidated.


Silverjet flew three times weekly to New York and every day to Dubai. Silverjet operated its own terminal to handle their passengers at their London home airport. At Dubai International Airport, Al Majlis VIP terminal was used.


(April 2007)

  • 3 Boeing 767-200