Silz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Silz is a municipality in the western part of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). The community is managed by the Office Malchow, located in the eponymous city.


The municipality Silz north of Malchow and heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District lies between Fleesensee and Drewitzer lake. The northern part of the municipality is located in the Natural Park Nossentin / Schwinzer Heath. The area around Silz is hilly, the high mountain reaches 84 m above sea level. NN, while the level of Fleesensee at 62 m above sea level. MSL. By Fleesensee flows from Kölpinsee coming the Elde.

To Silz part of the district is located directly on Fleesensee Nossentin.


In the 14th century Silz first appeared in a document.


In addition to agriculture and forestry in Silz and environment, tourism plays an important role. Near the beaches of almost 11 km ² Fleesensee is a bungalow settlement, as well as a campsite.


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  • Manor House with Park, in the district Nossentin
  • The 1838 built in the classical style village church in the district Nossentin. It is a simple timber-frame building shielded by a brick facade. The belfry stands next to it. For the GDR period, the church was dilapidated and abandoned. As of 2001, the church was erected again, from 2003 a corresponding club was active, donations were collected, held construction site services. 2008, a new cast in Passau bell came to their free-standing belfry was rebuilt in 2004. Could then be held the dedication service just before Christmas 2009.
  • On the road to goods is close to the Nossentin York Blücher monument with the following inscription: " To the Memory of the November 1, 1806 fallen here Prussian Warrior / The Mecklenburg officer corps in 1856 ." The reverse shows a plaque with the inscription to an Iron Cross: " Honor the undaunted even in misfortune ." In the respective battles against Bernadotte 's units Yorck Colonel Blucher covered retreat after the Battle of Jena and Auerstedt. The monument was destroyed after the Second World War and was rebuilt in 2000.

Church in Nossentin

Monument at Nossentin

Transport links

Silz is located on the road connecting Malchow to Waren (Müritz), which leads north to the Great Lakes ( Fleesensee and Kölpinsee ). To the north, there is a road link to Teterow, it forms a section of the German Avenues. The motorway junction Malchow is about eight kilometers away. The train stop Nossentin in the Mecklenburg Southern Railway of Waren (Müritz) about Malchow and Lübz to Parchim.